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Free Sketch Agency Website Template

Will write about it late. Earthquake in lahore, so gotta leave office Download Sketch File Read more

Free Sketch Card Background Patterns

In a hurry. Hope you like em Download Sketch File Read more

Free Sketch Website Header Template

Here’s some website headers to get started your project. So far I am liking this daily challenge that I have given to myself; to make and post the sketch file online. I was in no mood to post, beacause I couldnt find an inspiration. But, knowing that I have total freedom to make whatever I want and have to make before certain time, got the shit... Read more

Free Sketch Pricing Cards

Working on a company’s product website that might require a pricing section. Explored and created some cool yet simple looking pricing cards. Today’s tip is to add extra character spacing when all your characters are capatilized, such as in buttons. And in non-capatlized characters avoid spacing, as your words will appear broken instead of clea... Read more

Free Sketch Login Page Template

I’ve decided to create a UI resource almost everyday and post it online along its source file. The login page with the picture of a girl is looking nice not only because the girl is nice looking, but the trick was to grab the color palette from the photograph itself. The darkest color in UI is not darker than the darkest color in photograph. T... Read more